North Dakota’s “Fetal Heartbeat” Law Permanently Blocked

North Dakota

On January 25th, the “fetal heartbeat” law, a North Dakotan law that banned many abortions and was among the toughest abortion laws in the nation, was permanently blocked by the Supreme Court. SCOTUS refused to review a lower court’s ruling from July 2015 that overturned the law, thereby ending the legal process and permanently blocking …

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Miami Under Consideration As El Chapo Trial Venue

El Chapo

Miami, Florida is one of two U.S. cities under serious discussion for being the location of the trial of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Mexican cartel kingpin. Federal prosecutors in six states have filed indictments against Guzman, but the Eastern District of New York and the Southern District of Florida have overlapping cases that could be …

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Law School Graduates Face Serious Debt Burdens

School Debt

It is no secret that going to law school is an expensive experience. When you think of lawyers, your brain probably thinks of the version seen in film and other forms of media—brilliant young minds who get jobs at flashy and extravagant firms, who earn at the very least six figure salaries. With such colorful …

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Matusiewicz’s Relatives Convicted of Cyberstalking in Landmark Case

Thomas Matusiewicz

Courthouse Shooter’s Relatives Convicted of Cyberstalking in Landmark Case On February 11, 2013, Thomas Matusiewicz opened fire inside a New Castle County, Delaware courthouse, where he fatally wounded two women including his estranged daughter-in-law. Matusiewicz had reportedly accompanied his son David Matusiewicz to the courthouse that morning, where David was slated to attend a child …

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Kendall Coffey Dispels The Legal Myth of Preferential Treatment for Celebrities: Pop Law and Bill Cosby

Kendall Coffey discusses topical issues relating to the courts and justice.

If there was one celebrity scandal that dominated news headlines in 2014, it was that of Bill Cosby and the numerous allegations of sexual assault against the comedian. Cosby’s past accusations of sexual assault appeared to be all but publicly forgotten until October 16, 2014 when comedian Hannibal Buress addressed the rape charges in an …

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Kendall Coffey: Michael Brown Blog Post

Federal and State Authorities and the Michael Brown Shooting Death By Kendall Coffey The fatal shooting of unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri has captured attention around the world, not only for a tragic death but also for the images of heavily armed police forces confronting protestors. Ironically, while the …

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