Kendall Coffey on Palm Beach County Vote Recount

Palm Beach County is Florida’s third largest county and ground zero for the historic 2000 electoral crisis that has led the state to try and correct its flawed vote-counting process. The county may not make the deadline for recounting votes in at least two tightly contested races. The decade-old machines can only tally one race …

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PoliticKing With Kendall Coffey: Trump Contends With Moves By Mueller

Trump Contends With Moves By Mueller & Hands Over Documents In this interview with Larry King, former US Attorney Kendall Coffey responds to the Trump team’s turnover of documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Coffey rejects the notion Mueller’s request implies criminal conspiracy, but rather is simply following protocol in any investigation. Moreover, he explains …

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The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (“FSIA”) renders foreign states (as well as the political subdivisions, agencies, and instrumentalities thereof) immune from suit in U.S. federal and state courts in most circumstances. The FSIA embraces the restrictive theory of sovereign immunity, which confines immunity to a foreign country’s public acts and excludes from immunity the private/commercial …

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Florida Bar Results Reveal Poor Performance on First Time Bar Exams

Preparing for Exam

The dreaded Bar Exam. Even for those unacquainted with the legal profession, pop culture has taught us that the Bar Exam is to be feared and painstakingly prepared for. But for those studying to become lawyers, this reality is all too real. A recent study from the Florida Board of Bar Examiners shows that Florida’s …

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Florida Governor Rick Scott Signs Bill, Defunds Planned Parenthood


On March 28th, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill into law that would defund Planned Parenthood abortion business and any other clinics that also do abortions. This will eliminate about $200,000 that the abortion business of Planned Parenthood receives from the government. HB 1411, also known as The Termination of Pregnancy bill, was sponsored …

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Similar Court Ruling May Help Apple in Legal Battle With FBI

Access to Smartphone

You’re no doubt aware of the case: Apple and the FBI have been sparing over access to the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, with the FBI requesting the creation of software to dodge around the iPhone’s passcode to access the shooter’s private information. In related news, a federal judge in Brooklyn ruled in late February that …

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Study Concludes Human Trafficking Judged Unevenly

U.S. human trafficking

Misconceptions about human trafficking are holding us back from creating lasting, tangible changes. According to a wide-ranging new study by Northeastern criminologist Amy Farrell and her research partners, the severity of the criminal penalty for human trafficking in the U.S. has no effect on the number of suspects who are arrested and prosecuted for the …

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Miami Under Consideration As El Chapo Trial Venue

El Chapo

Miami, Florida is one of two U.S. cities under serious discussion for being the location of the trial of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Mexican cartel kingpin. Federal prosecutors in six states have filed indictments against Guzman, but the Eastern District of New York and the Southern District of Florida have overlapping cases that could be …

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House Health Care Vote Marks Start of Exciting 2016 Legal Year


2016 is guaranteed to be an exciting year in law and politics. With the 2016 U.S. Presidential election bearing down on the country, politics and policies will be in the front and center of the news cycle and the public’s mind. If you had your doubts, you didn’t have to wait very long in 2016 …

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Pledge of Allegiance Law in Florida Schools Under the Microscope

florida schools

Who doesn’t remember participating in the Pledge of Allegiance? The Pledge used to be a staple in all American schools, though a parade of legal battles and decisions over the past half-century have broken up this standard and made the ceremony much more controversial. The most recent spat over the Pledge recently occurred in the …

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