Kendall Coffey Speaks on What’s to Come in the Stormy Daniels Scandal

Kendall Coffey spoke with Trent Copeland on PoliticKING about the Stormy Daniels scandal. Her attorney is asking a federal judge for permission to depose Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen about the nondisclosure agreement the porn actress says she signed to keep quiet about her alleged affair with the president. Michael Avenatti said he was trying to depose Trump and Cohen for no more than two hours each to find out whether Trump was aware of the agreement and whether he consented to it. Trump said he had no knowledge of the payment his personal attorney Michael Cohen made to the porn star. Coffey thinks the theory being advocated by Trump’s lawyer is that it was a third-party beneficiary agreement. He thinks the big question will be if someone can be the beneficiary of a binding agreement even if they had no idea it ever happened?