Kendal Coffey Discusses Kavanaugh and Gonzalez

With the news breaking about Brett Kavanaugh being a Supreme Court Justice nominee, Kendall Coffey sat down with 7News to chat about Kavanaugh’s impact on several South Florida cases.

Prior to being a Supreme Court Justice nominee, Kavanaugh was a federal appeals court judge and an attorney who worked on many high-profile cases connected to South Florida. Coffey worked closely with Kavanaugh nearly 20 years ago on the highly publicized Elián González case. Kavanaugh represented the González family in the case and fought to keep Elián stateside. He didn’t win the case, but it was believed that he definitely had Elián’s best interest at heart.

Coffey: Kavanaugh is a known Washington insider

Coffey said, “He’s absolutely a brilliant, legal mind and one of the best legal writers in America today,”. Regardless of what happens, Coffey believes that Kavanaugh will have a huge impact on the United States Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh is known as a Washington insider and is a safe bet for President Donald Trump. The White House wants Kavanaugh to be confirmed by October 1st because it’s the start of the next Supreme Court session and its ahead of the mid-term elections.