Florida Bar Results Reveal Poor Performance on First Time Bar Exams

Preparing for Exam

The dreaded Bar Exam. Even for those unacquainted with the legal profession, pop culture has taught us that the Bar Exam is to be feared and painstakingly prepared for. But for those studying to become lawyers, this reality is all too real. A recent study from the Florida Board of Bar Examiners shows that Florida’s …

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Do Antitrust Laws Hinder Businesses?

Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws are an important part of America’s law history. They ensure that fair competition exists in an open-market economy and, when used correctly, they help everyone and stimulate a healthy economy. However, antitrust laws were created for an economic system that is pure and perfect all the time, an unrealistic expectation of our current …

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Several Florida Laws, Including New Gun Law, Will Go to Vote January 12th

new gun law

During the past session, both chambers of Florida’s Legislature failed to address top-priority votes, including the constitutionally-mandated vote on a budget. Given these failures, Florida’s Legislature will be voting on several laws when the next session begins on January 12th, 2016. Among these laws is a new gun law that is being lauded by critics …

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