Pop Law: Do Celebrities Get Special Treatment?

This is an excerpt from Spinning the Law by Kendall Coffey. The full book is available for purchase on Amazon here. The public usually assumes that celebrities receive preferential treatment at every turn in criminal cases, as well as in civil proceedings. Their lawyers tell a different story. The one point of agreement is that celebrities, …

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Could Pokemon Go Cause You to Break the Law?

Pokemon Go is one of the first augmented reality games to gain national notoriety and be played avidly by the general public. Pokemon Go lays down its own content over a Google Maps program. This allows the players to walk around through the Pokemon Go map on their phone while walking around in the real …

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Why Is Online Harassment Legislation Still Not A Thing?

Online Harassment

It is hard to imagine life without the Internet in 2016. While the Internet has become a huge staple of modern life, laws surrounding its use haven’t quite caught up with our rapid technological leaps forward. One question that many have in this day and age is: why is online harassment not prosecuted in the …

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San Francisco Hopes to Regulate Airbnb, HomeAway Rentals

San Francisco

If you thought the housing situation in San Francisco was bad already, then you won’t be surprised to learn that the short-term-rental market in San Fran might get a little worse too. Or better, depending on your perspective. A proposed amendment to a current San Francisco law would impose regulations on Airbnb, HomeAway, and other …

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Pledge of Allegiance Law in Florida Schools Under the Microscope

florida schools

Who doesn’t remember participating in the Pledge of Allegiance? The Pledge used to be a staple in all American schools, though a parade of legal battles and decisions over the past half-century have broken up this standard and made the ceremony much more controversial. The most recent spat over the Pledge recently occurred in the …

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Several Florida Laws, Including New Gun Law, Will Go to Vote January 12th

new gun law

During the past session, both chambers of Florida’s Legislature failed to address top-priority votes, including the constitutionally-mandated vote on a budget. Given these failures, Florida’s Legislature will be voting on several laws when the next session begins on January 12th, 2016. Among these laws is a new gun law that is being lauded by critics …

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Florida Set to Introduce Daily Fantasy Sports Bill

fantasy football

The legal debate surrounding daily fantasy sports rages on, with a newly proposed bill in Florida. Republican state Senator Joe Negron and Representative Matt Gaetz are introducing a daily fantasy sports bill in Florida, which would make daily fantasy sports legal in the state. “Currently, 3 million Floridians participate in fantasy sports contests, from traditional …

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Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law Under Scrutiny Following Flint’s Water Disaster

Flint water crisis

Flint, Michigan is thankful to have finally been reconnected to Detroit’s water infrastructure, after experiencing a huge scare after an ill-advised connection to the Flint River. Almost a month ago, the city that once boasted a booming automotive industry (just like its big brother Detroit) was brought to its knees with a water crisis: in …

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