About Kendall Coffey

In 1993, Mr. Coffey decided to take a hiatus from private practice; opting for an opportunity to serve as an US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Leading successful prosecutions in numerous drug, corruption, and fraud cases, Mr. Coffey served until 1996.

Returning to private practice, Kendall Coffey rejoined Robert Burlington to found Coffey Burlington in 1997. Mr. Coffey’s role in the firm continues his 35 years of excellence as he concentrates on complex litigation at trial and appellate levels, in state and federal court.

It has been in this capacity, that in 2000 Mr. Coffey represented Elian Gonzalez in effort to gain a political asylum hearing, which may have allowed the child to stay in the United States.

Kendall Coffey representing Al Gore and Network TV legal commentator

Coffey served on the legal team representing Vice President, Al Gore, in the contested ballot recount during the 2000 Presidential campaign. In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Coffey is an eminent and respected legal commentator and analyst having appeared on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and NewsMax.

Coffey is the author of the well-known “Spinning the Law, Trying Cases in the Court of Public Opinion” as well as “Foreclosures in Florida” and “Florida Foreclosures: Remedies, Defenses and Lender Liability, Volume I & II.”

Kendall Coffey serves as adjunct faculty member for University of Miami School of Law, Florida Constitutional Law from 2008 to the present, and serves as Chair of the Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission.