Litigator, author, and legal analyst, Florida attorney, Kendall Coffey has become an eminent legal practitioner and scholar over his 35-year career. From his unprecedented experience representing the Gore Campaign in the 2000 Election in Florida, to writing the quintessential book on Florida mortgage law, “Foreclosures in Florida,” LexisNexis (2008), the breadth of his knowledge, professional insights, and invaluable expertise are shared with readers within these blog entries. From Kendall Coffey’s words one can recognize the machinations of spin in legal proceedings and see past the dramatics and bluster to the precise issues at hand and their implications.

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Paul Manafort and Robert Mueller: The Russia Investigation Continues

Former federal prosecutors say the collapse of Paul Manafort’s plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller is a loss for both sides in the Russia investigation. Mueller lost a key witness who was the head of Donald Trump’s campaign. On the other hand, Manafort can potentially face decades in prison. Mueller says he knows [...]

Kendall Coffey on Palm Beach County Vote Recount

Palm Beach County is Florida’s third largest county and ground zero for the historic 2000 electoral crisis that has led the state to try and correct its flawed vote-counting process. The county may not make the deadline for recounting votes in at least two tightly contested races. The decade-old machines can only tally one [...]

Kendall Coffey Talks Next Steps for Trump After Manafort, Cohen Convictions

President Donald Trump was not implicated when the verdict was given in Northern Virginia, but a guilty plea in Manhattan did implicate him. However, legal experts say it may be very hard to prove that he actually did anything wrong. They still believe that these two events in court could possibly be bad news [...]

Kendall Coffey on Trump and Mueller

President Donald Trump and his legal team have continuously claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on the possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is wasting taxpayer dollars. According to legal experts who have followed the former Trump campaign chairman’s three-week trial, it could lose its impact if Paul Manafort is convicted [...]

Craig Robins Exposed to Punitive Damages in Beef with Ugo Colombo Over Jet

Craig Robins, a Miami Design District developer lost another case, this time against a big name in Miami real estate, Ugo Colombo. Robins was seeking punitive damages in a lengthy case over a private jet that they used to jointly own. The Third Court of Appeal denied Robins’ petition after a lower court allowed [...]