Litigator, author, and legal analyst, Florida attorney, Kendall Coffey has become an eminent legal practitioner and scholar over his 35-year career. From his unprecedented experience representing the Gore Campaign in the 2000 Election in Florida, to writing the quintessential book on Florida mortgage law, “Foreclosures in Florida,” LexisNexis (2008), the breadth of his knowledge, professional insights, and invaluable expertise are shared with readers within these blog entries. From Kendall Coffey’s words one can recognize the machinations of spin in legal proceedings and see past the dramatics and bluster to the precise issues at hand and their implications.

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PoliticKing With Kendall Coffey: Trump Contends With Moves By Mueller

Trump Contends With Moves By Mueller & Hands Over Documents In this interview with Larry King, former US Attorney Kendall Coffey responds to the Trump team’s turnover of documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Coffey rejects the notion Mueller’s request implies criminal conspiracy, but rather is simply following protocol in any investigation. Moreover, he [...]

Spinning Wheels: The Television Interview

Attorney at law, legal analyst, high stakes litigator, and former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey discusses the importance of the television interview for law spinners. Television interviews can be a great forum for getting a message to the public. But they sometimes offer pain as well as gain because, in many ways, the broadcast venue [...]

Entrapment: Stuck in the Trap or Beating the Rap?

The term entrapment is a favorite of the television law shows. It is frequently understood to mean that when a defendant takes the bait dangled by police, the entrapped defendant can count on an acquittal. The scenarios for setting up defendants are known as “stings” and are a common tool of law enforcement in cases ranging from public corruption to drug deals. Thus, the Department of Justice has long recognized that undercover operations have been “especially effective in public corruption investigations.”

A Media Primer for Spinners: Silence is Golden, Especially When Required

Kendall Coffey is a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida and founding member of Coffey Burlington, PL. Learn more about his expertise in law on his personal website: With legal news, as with diets, some of the most delicious tidbits are off-limits. In fact, some laws make it a federal [...]

Selective Prosecution: Illegal or Just Unfair?

This is an excerpt from Spinning the Law by Kendall Coffey. The full book is available for purchase on Amazon here. So-called selective prosecution is only illegal if a defendant is singled out for a purpose that is itself wrongful, such as discrimination based on race, gender, or political or religious affiliation. Like claims of [...]