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Florida Bar Results Reveal Poor Performance on First Time Bar Exams

The dreaded Bar Exam. Even for those unacquainted with the legal profession, pop culture has taught us that the Bar Exam is to be feared [...]

Study Concludes Human Trafficking Judged Unevenly

Misconceptions about human trafficking are holding us back from creating lasting, tangible changes. According to a wide-ranging new study by Northeastern criminologist Amy Farrell and [...]

Miami Under Consideration As El Chapo Trial Venue

Miami, Florida is one of two U.S. cities under serious discussion for being the location of the trial of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Mexican cartel [...]

Pledge of Allegiance Law in Florida Schools Under the Microscope

Who doesn’t remember participating in the Pledge of Allegiance? The Pledge used to be a staple in all American schools, though a parade of legal [...]