President Donald Trump and his legal team have continuously claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on the possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is wasting taxpayer dollars. According to legal experts who have followed the former Trump campaign chairman’s three-week trial, it could lose its impact if Paul Manafort is convicted on bank and tax fraud charges soon.

“It doesn’t affect the argument that this has nothing to do with Russia collusion because the trial, if anything, has verified that at least with Manafort, the case was not connected to allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia,” former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey told the Washington Examiner. “But what it does do in a very broad sense is provide vindication for Mueller’s team.”

“Even without the lack of any real connection with ‘Russia collusion,’ and the Trump campaign, a victory here would put a lot of momentum behind the special counsel’s office and would make them feel more confident in moving forward and not rushing this investigation to a quick conclusion,” Coffey said.