Kendall Coffey Tells How to Be A Successful Businessman

In an interview with Miami Me Magazine, former Federal Prosecutor of the Southern District of Florida, Kendall Coffey shared his secrets to being a successful businessman and investor in the United States. Coffey says that there are always people looking for legal assistance to solve complex issues. He added that you need to possess some basic qualities to excel.

Diligence, creativity, and honesty will help you progress

It’s important to understand that all countries are different but in the Unites States an analytical assessment should be done to be aware of what’s happening in the country in order to develop a successful local career. Kendall then elaborated on the EB-5 Program. It allows eligible entrepreneurs to apply for a green card. He says there were some violations and now immigration authorities study potential investors more carefully. Potential investors should also be more cautious about investing and choosing a lawyer that will represent their interests.