Home Media Playlist: Spinning the Law with Kendall Coffey

A playlist of attorney Kendall Coffey appearing on the Steve Malzberg Show during the ‘Spinning the Law’ segment

Kendall Coffey: Hillary’s Emails and Darren Wilson

From NewsMax's Steve Malzburg Show on march 5, 2015. Kendall Coffey, Miami litigator and former US Attorney, discusses the legal implications of the [...]

Kendall Coffey: Spinning the Law – Quarantine

10.30.14 Kendall Coffey and Steve Malzberg discuss the legal ramifications of state enforced quarantine in light of a nurse case disputing her imposed confinement. [...]

Kendall Coffey: Spinning the Law – Police Shootings

08.14.14 Kendall Coffey speaks with Steve Malzberg during the "Spinning the Law" segment of the Steve Malzberg Show on NewsMax. Mr. Coffey discusses recent [...]