Jet Lawsuit Decision

Craig Robins, a Miami Design District developer lost another case, this time against a big name in Miami real estate, Ugo Colombo. Robins was seeking punitive damages in a lengthy case over a private jet that they used to jointly own.

The Third Court of Appeal denied Robins’ petition after a lower court allowed Colombo to amend his lawsuit against Robins to seek punitive damages. The thee-judge panel unanimously affirmed a decision by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Barbara Areces.

Robins’ attorney, Dennis Richard of Richard & Richard in Miami isn’t phased by the decision. He still has plans to find another way to beat Colombo’s claims and recover against Colombo.

Coffey Burlington partner Kendall Coffey represented Colombo on appeal

“The claim is that Craig Robins deceitfully conspired to harm Ugo Colombo, his partner. The trial court found that Colombo’s case presented a reasonable basis for the recovery of punitive
damages against Robins personally,” the attorneys said in an emailed statement. “Robins appealed this decision but lost and faces punitive damages in a jury trial.”

“Colombo’s counsel’s construction of the opinion is nonsense,” Richard responded. He declined
further comment.