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Will Omar Mateen’s Wife Face Charges for Failing to Stop Her Husband’s Shooting Spree?

Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, may face criminal charges due to her possible involvement with her husband’s assault on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. A federal grand jury is reviewing the incident and Salman’s suspected involvement in the attack. Mateen killed 49 people and took hostages during his attack on the gay nightclub.

Kendall Coffey, former southern Florida U.S. Attorney, explained that the charges Salman might face would increase in their severity in relation to the grand jury’s decision about the level of her involvement in the crime. “If she drove him to get ammunition or to case the crime scene, I think that’s enough to warrant very serious charges if she had requisite knowledge of the crimes,” Coffey said.

FBI officials have reported that Salman once drove her husband to the nightclub so that he could study its layout. She also joined her husband when he purchased a holster and ammunition for his shooting spree. The FBI investigation suggests that Salman is suspected to be her husband’s accomplice in what has been the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Salman was born in San Pablo, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, and graduated from high school in 2004. Her parents and her husband’s family, living in the Palestinian territories, arranged her first marriage. She met her second husband, Omar Mateen, online, and they married in 2011 and have a 3-year-old son.

If Salman knew that a crime was going to be committed, she could be guilty of intentionally hiding the knowledge of a felony and aiding and abetting a crime. Further investigations by the FBI and grand jury could determine that Salman is guilty of conspiracy to commit and act of terrorism.

It was reported on CNN that Mateen and his wife exchanged text messages during the assault. A law enforcement officer reported to CNN that the text occurred at about 4 a.m. when Mateen was hiding in the bathroom at the gay nightclub. Salman responded in a text that she loved him.

Mateen’s first wife alleges that she was the victim of abuse during her marriage to the shooter. If Mateen threatened Salman in any way, she could argue that she was operating under duress and was too afraid to call the police.

Her marriage alone won’t protect her from criminal charges. “If the authorities have evidence beyond reasonable doubt that she did everything knowing what he was going to do, then I think she will face very serious criminal charges,” Coffey said.

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